Six Essential Items for Reselling Online

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Earlier this year I started a new hobby - flipping things I find at garage sales, thrift stores, and even regular retail stores. Flipping essentially means I sell it elsewhere more than what I paid for. I sell most of these items on eBay, which means I need to ship these items. There are a few things I’ve found essential for shipping, and here’s a list of six of them:

0. Postal Scale

How did I forget this? When you ship things on eBay, you need to know how much it weighs. This is simply because you’ll be purchasing shipping through eBay because they offer a discount over what you’d pay at USPS at the counter.

This is so important I’m making it the zeroth item. Also zeroth so I can keep the title.

(Thank you, WithoutLampsTheredBe for pointing this out!)

1. Scotch 3M Bubble Mailers Size 0 (6” x 9”) - 25ct

DVD cases fit snugly into these. They’re great for other small things, too. If you buy them individually at the store (say, Kroger or Meijer), the cost roughly 70¢ a mailer. Amazon has them for around $7.50, which makes them cost 30¢ apiece, which is less than half the cost. Yeah, I know it’s only 40¢, but it adds up - that’s $10 a box!

I’ve already ordered my second box.

2. Scotch Bubble Mailer, 8.5 x 11-Inches, Size #2, 25-Pack

Same thing as #1, but only bigger. I haven’t used as many as these as the first one - I’m still on my first box. They still cost a lot less than buying them individually at the store - around 80¢ to $1.00 at the store, compared to around $10 on Amazon. A savings of $15 a box!


I don’t even know where to buy these offline. I’ve only used these a few times, but they’re good for things that won’t fit in the other two items I mentioned that don’t need any bubble protection. For instance, I shipped a Fram cabin air filter that was new in box the other day in one of these.

4. MFLABEL 200 Half Sheet - Shipping Labels - 5-1/2” X 8-1/2”

The best thing about shipping labels is that they’re so easy to apply. Before I got these, I was just printing my labels on regular paper, cutting the paper, and then taping it to my packages. This was a real pain and I frequently found myself cussing at the box. Plus I was wasting a lot of tape.

The trick with these is to set the paper size so that you print on only one label a time.

5. Shipping Tape

This is just a must have. You need someway to seal boxes. Just don’t use it to tape your labels - use shipping labels that stick!

6. Laser Printer

These have come down in price recently, and they’re about the same size are inkjets. So you don’t need a huge thousand dollar printer like you might see at the office. The real advantage to these is they use a lot less ink - actually, toner - than inkjet printers.

Of course, I feel somewhat hypocritical about that last one because I still am using my inkjet printer that I bought a decade ago. Hey, it still works!

Do you think I missed anything? Comment below!

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