Fixing my Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Button

I was working on my fiancee’s car over the weekend when the power button on my Samsung Galaxy S5 stopped working. This was particularly frustrating because I had the flashlight on at the time and didn’t want to drain the battery.

Presenting the Puppy Snuggles Webpage

Back in November, I created a Twitter account and a Facebook page for a specific niche - puppies, or really, dogs in general. This week I created a website to go with those pages. Presenting: the Puppy Snuggles webpage!

Keeping My Electric Bill Low

Last October I posted about my electric bill over the year. In order to save money, I switched my supplier from DP&L to AEP via Ohio’s Apples-to-Apples website, lowering my costs from 7.3¢ to 4.59¢ per kilowatt.